Who’s Eleanor Calder?

Translated post. Only what’s in italics is originally written by me.

Who’s the real Eleanor? Or better yet, who are these Eleanors? I think you know what I’m going to talk about.

Eleanor Calder, if that’s her real name, has decided she can’t be who she really is. Do you remember when she replied to a tweet in which she was called Tina?

After that happened, a lot of people started wondering if Eleanor’s real name was Tina, but then we all forgot about it and thought it was just a nickname given by her friends.

In that moment I decided to do some research about Eleanor and I found out there is not any Eleanor Jane Calder, except for a woman born in 1880. Like we all know, Eleanor is a student at the University of Manchester, so I searched for her name and found out there’s not any girl named Eleanor Jane Calder in that university, not even Eleanor Calder, but someone called Christina Calder does study there. I don’t know about you, but I think Tina could be short for Christina.
*I searched myself in the students directory of my university. Surprise! There’s nobody with my name and I sure as hell study there…
We barely know anything about her, we know her name, her birthday date and place of birth. There are people who say she was born in England, so I did some research and found her birth certificate (thanks to the Internet you can find lots of things). It turns out her (the Eleanor Jane Calder born in 1880) was born in London and died in Middlesex. That’s what we know about her. She could’ve chosen another name, but why taking the name of someone who’s dead?
Why do they want to make us believe her name is Eleanor? It was then when I started to think I might be wrong about something, but there’s very little info about her. Let’s compare her to me (the girl who originally wrote this post), Hilary is my name and I’m not famous, I don’t date any band member and my life is not exposed in the internet, yet there’s more information about me than her.
I mean, she’s a model and sometimes managers look for models on the internet or maybe they want to know things about her to hire her and, like I said, there’s nothing about her.
*I believe Eleanor is not a model, so that’s not really a valid point. She was a floor model at Hollister, but that’s it.
Then I did some research about Christina Calder and saw that Eleanor’s mom’s name was on that family tree, so it all starts making sense. My question is, why does Eleanor have a fake name?
Now on to my second point:
In fact, there would be two Eleanors. The first time I heard about it I thought it was stupid, I admit it, but pay attention to what’s coming next. I can assure you those pics are not edited. My brother works in cinema and I asked him if they were, and he said no.
For example, her nose looks different:
Her height (notice she’s not wearing heels in any of them):
This is the pic with the two Eleanors: 
*Someone sent me an ask a while ago saying not the two of them were Eleanors, one of them is actually one of her friends but I can’t remember her name.
Going back to what we know about her, everybody knows she’s student at the Uni of Manchester and, like it or not, we have to admit that for a student Eleanor has a lot of free time, right? As soon as she can she’s always with Louis, even when she should be in college like every other student.
Another evidence is Louis’ facial expressions. He looks so happy when he’s with Hannah while in the pics with Eleanor, both of their smiles look fake. Also, Eleanor doesn’t have pics with the other boys of the band. Hannah, on the other hand, had pics with Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall. She seemed to be friends with Louis’ friends.
Now, going back to the two Eleanors. Do you think they look the same?
If you do, I’m gonna show you the differences between Christina Calder (right) and Eleanor Calder (left).
First difference: eyebrows.
*Demi Lovato changed her eyebrows completely in a matter of days, so…
Second difference: her middle part.
Third difference: her cheeks.
Four difference: her eyes.
Fifth difference: her nose.
People are still convinced there’s just one Calder, but the truth is there’s two of them and it’s said that since their contract is too demanding, one of them is needed for public appearances and the other one for confidential stuff.
Original twitlonger: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/k70nv4
As I said, none of this is originally mine, so please don’t jump on me if you don’t agree with this. If youv’e got any question, send it in. -T
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